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Companhia das Cordas

Photos: Simone Chacham

Reference Mastering Studio

Souza Lima



When I first got to Berklee I was lucky to have had Mitch as my first semester Harmony teacher. After that, once I got to his Improvisation Concepts Workshop I found what I had been looking for, both academically and musically. Now once again Mitch has come through bringing his years of expertise to a new environment, and under new conditions, with great success. It was my pleasure to take him around São Paulo to several different schools, and to see him take his methodology to new horizons, as it evolved while it absorbed all that Brazil had to offer. I have no doubt Mitch's teaching method will prove as effective everywhere else in the world as it did inside Berklee.
Álvaro Kapaz
Guitarist, Berklee Alum, Communications Coordinator and Participant in 2015 Improvisation Concepts Workshop at Companhia das Cordas (São Paolo, Brazil)

I met the most amazing person this week. It was only for a few days, but it was enough to change all my previous thoughts about music and life. I discovered so much joy in what I do, so much more than what I could imagine that existed. I’ll keep your teaching close to my heart as long as I breathe. Thank you for everything, Mitch Haupers.
Alessandro Perez
Guitarist, Participant and Translator for 2015 Improvisation Concepts Workshop at Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil)

If one is capable of changing your entire conception of music in two days, this person is definitely special. Thank you, Mitch Haupers.
Marina Leme
Vocalist, Participant in 2015 Improvisation Concepts Workshop at Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil)

Your workshop was such an ear opener. It really helped me to interact more with my band mates and brought some free improvisations to our quartet. Thanks for your brief, but enriching, workshop!
Lucas Quinamo Furtado Mendonça
Saxophonist, Participant in 2015 Improvisation Concepts Workshop at Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil)

What I liked the most in the workshop was that it confirmed many ideas that were in my mind: music comes from the heart, not from your fingers, not from your head. When you asked us to listen and play softly, I realized how anxious we are as students. We are desperate to play 'right' and so we sometimes forget to have a good time; we simply forget why we had chosen music for our life. You helped me to remember to feel while I'm playing. It seems so simple, but it's the truth.
Ana Luiza Braga
Pianist/Flutist, Participant in 2015 Improvisation Concepts Workshop at Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil)